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Synthetic Binders of Breast Cancer Stem Cells
In recent decades, abundant research data has indicated the existence of cancer stem cells (CSCs), which represent a small, but significant, population among all cells within tumor tissues. These CSCs are mostly responsible for resistance to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, thereby becoming a root of tumor recurrence and metastasis. Several known...
Published: 4/26/2019   |   Inventor(s): Jiyong Lee, Luxi Chen, Chao Long
Keywords(s): Assay, Biomarkers, Healthcare, Imaging, Life Sciences, Medical, Molecular Biology, Polymers, Research Tools, Therapeutics
Category(s): Biomedical, Diagnostics
Entering the Fourth Dimension - Manufacturing Responsive Liquid Crystal Elastomer Structures
The University of Texas at Dallas is seeking companies interested in commercializing an innovative method for fabricating Liquid Crystal Elastomer (LCE) structures that undergo reversible actuation in a wide variety of environments. This method uses direct-write additive manufacturing to locally-control the molecular orientation of LCEs, thereby programming...
Published: 4/26/2019   |   Inventor(s):  
Keywords(s): Chemistry, Devices, Engineering & Physical Sciences, Industrial & Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Microfluidics, Polymers, Processes, Robotics
Category(s): Materials
Intelligent Textiles Prepared from Nanofiber Yarns and Polymer Fiber Actuators
While there has always been a desire for smart textiles, including fabrics which adapt depending on environmental stimuli, it has yet to be effectively accomplished due to the lack of suitable materials. These polymer fiber actuators have enabled the creation of fabrics that can reversibly change properties such as porosity, shape, color and texture....
Published: 4/22/2021   |   Inventor(s): Ray Baughman, Ozer Goktepe, Fatma Goktepe, Na Li, Marcio Lima, Carter Haines, Shaoli Fang
Keywords(s): Engineering & Physical Sciences, Industrial & Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, Polymers, Textiles
Category(s): Materials
Compatibilized Immiscible Polymer Blends and Molecular Sieve Membranes
Non-Confidential Description: This invention describes novel nanostructured membranes for gas separations, comprising compatibilized, immiscible high performance co-polyimide (PI)/polybenzimidazole (PBI) blends. The compatibilizer used in this invention is a commercially available and inexpensive imidazole-based small molecule (SM). SEM images...
Published: 4/26/2019   |   Inventor(s):  
Keywords(s): Chemistry, Energy Storage & Battery, Engineering & Physical Sciences, Fuel Cells, Industrial & Manufacturing, Membrane, Polymers
Category(s): Materials
Sheath-Core Fibers for Superelastic Electronics, Sensors, and Muscles
Summary:From fitness trackers to smart clothing, wearables are in high demand. Researchers at UT Dallas have invented a new class of elastic wires that can be woven into clothing or made into super-stretchy charger cords. Lighter-than-air, electrically conductive sheets of tiny carbon nanotubes are wrapped around a long rubber core to create conducting...
Published: 4/26/2019   |   Inventor(s): Ray Baughman, Shaoli Fang, Carter Haines, Hongbing Lu, Dong Qian
Keywords(s): Biomaterials, Industrial & Manufacturing, Mechanical Systems, Medical Devices, Motors, Nanotechnology, Polymers, Robotics, Sensors & Controls, Textiles
Category(s): Materials, Electronics
Novel Nitric Oxide Releasing Surgical Sutures, Bandages and Fabrics
Non-Confidential DescriptionThe technology is novel nitric oxide (NO) releasing acrylonitrile-based copolymer and terpolymer fibers that can be used as surgical sutures or non-woven bandages and fabrics that enhance wound healing. These copolymers have a higher NO loading capacity per gram than other known NO releasing acrylonitrile polymers. In addition,...
Published: 4/26/2019   |   Inventor(s): Kenneth Balkus, Alysia Lowe, Dennis Smith, Wenjin Deng
Keywords(s): Biocompatible, Drug Delivery, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Materials, Medical, Medical Devices, Polymers, Textiles, Therapeutics
Category(s): Healthcare
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