Compact System for Label-Free Analysis of Binding Kinetics for Multiple Analytes


There are numerous problems faced with many of the standard biomolecular analysis tools, such as limited sensitivity, expensive set-up and per-test necessities, and space requirements that have prohibited their use outside of a dedicated laboratory space. The need for a portable and inexpensive diagnostic tool that can be customized for various target analytes has been shown. Such a device would revolutionize testing at the point of care for healthcare applications, or serve numerous purposes for rapid on-demand analysis of biomolecules in the environment. The disclosed Multielectrode Array (MEA) system is optimized for the analysis and characterization of multiple molecular analytes’ binding kinetics and presence in a test sample.


Technical Summary:

This system uses Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) to study the binding events and quantify target analytes in a label-free manner. Current Impedance Spectroscopy-based solutions cannot be used for study of binding kinetics or parameters such as affinity, avidity, and interaction. Continuous real-time detection and analysis is achieved without a complicated flow-cell setup or the use of labels, which cause noise and reduce system sensitivity. The absence of electrochemical redox labels helps preserve the natural analysis of biomolecular analytes, which cannot be achieved with current real-time, ultra-sensitive techniques.


Value Proposition:

The proposed diagnostic tool, comprising a handheld potentiostat and a MEA circuit, is optimized for biosensing applications while remaining portable and inexpensive. The customizable design facilitates testing of a diverse range of samples while eliminating many of the problems with current detection devices on the market.



  • Molecular diagnostics – Detects and characterizes binding kinetics and system equilibrium for proteins, nucleic acids, and biochemical molecules


Key Benefits:

  • Sensitive – Potentiostat performs with low noise threshold in the operational range
  • Adaptable – Hardware components are highly customizable to the required applications
  • High Resolution – Can characterize binding modulation with a spatial resolution from a few angstrom to 100nm, enabling the study of multiple types of biomolecule interactions
  • Inexpensive – Cost-effective components and manufacturing processes
  • Portable – Point of care diagnostics platform for clinical, research, home, and field use


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ID Number: MP-14019


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