An Environmentally Friendly Solution for Preservation and Increased Nutritional Value of Hay and Forage


    Researchers at UT Dallas have developed a preservative solution that can be used in place of current preservatives, such as those that contain propionic acid. Unlike propionic acid, this new preservative solution is much safer and provides additional value to treated feed. Whereas many commercial hay preservatives evaporate over time, this formulation remains as a salt and provides indefinite protection during storage. Additionally, this preservative will add nutritional value to the hay, while other preservatives only aim to retain its initial value. The nutritional enhancement and increased storage time allow for farmers to get higher value out of the same hay than any other feed preservation solutions currently available. This technology is in the early stage of development yet has already demonstrated superior preservation of alfalfa and wheat grass with less loss in color and reduced mold content when compared with leading commercial hay preservatives.