High Torque Density Switched Reluctance Motors


    Applications like aerospace, automotive and robotics require high torque to volume/weight ratio machines. Permanent Magnet Machines have been considered to be the sole candidates, however, the limitation of the operational temperature, relatively high price, and unstable overseas supply of permanent magnet material limits its massive applications. There arises the need for a high torque density machine which contains fewer permanent magnets or even none at all.

    The conventional reluctance machine benefits from a relatively simple and rugged structure which make it a conveniently manufactured low cost machine. It has an extended speed range, modular configuration, and the capability of operation in harsh ambient conditions. The limited torque density and the acoustic noise during operation are the main obstacles against its replacement for both induction machines and permanent magnet machines.

    The invented motors have a novel, optimized pattern of magnetic flux paths within the electrical machine which yields a superior performance. One design implements two stators inside the machine that cancel the radial force - the main reason for noise during operation. The shell type rotor results in dramatically smaller inertia. The motor maintains the fault tolerance and the extended speed range capability. The motors are made with (UTD 12006 & 12017) or without (UTD 14006 & 12016) permanent magnets.




Key Benefits:

•       More than double the torque density of conventional switched reluctance machines

•       Radial force cancellation reduces operating noise

•       Operates without a position sensor in a wide speed range – unlike permanent magnet machines



Patent Status: United States patent 9,231,457 issued January 5, 2016. Patent pending. 

Licensing Opportunity: This technology is available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing.

Contact: otc@utdallas.edu

ID Number: MP-12006


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